Jump Start


We’ll assess your current health status using questionnaires to get clarity around your health concerns, identify what might be causing them, and prioritize your healing opportunities so we can restore balance to your body. If you want to look deeper, we can add on customized lab testing as well.


We’ll work together over 6 sessions that will last approximately 3 months. I will show you how to implement new health strategies to support the results that you’re looking for, while taking into consideration where you currently are in your health journey.


I’ll provide recommendations in the areas of diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, proper supplementation, and toxin removal specific to you so we can support your body in the way that it needs it most, allowing you to cut through the craziness, have a sense of sanity, and finally feel normal again.


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Here's what we'll do:

Thorough Intake

You'll be provided with several intake forms to go over your health history, past & present symptoms, and lifestyle.

Optional Labs

This package doesn't include any labs, but we can add them on as needed to check gut health, stress & hormones, digestion & detox, food sensitivity, and more.


6 coaching sessions (via Zoom, Skype, or phone): including 1 Results & Recommendations Review session and 5 follow-up coaching sessions.